Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Recognition Source Inc, is to deliver high-quality awards and gifts to clients worldwide, using specialized techniques for engraving of fine crystal and glass. We are committed to building permanent client relationships by meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations in every transaction.

We will do this by providing outstanding customer service, selling only quality products, using only superior engraving techniques, and never, ever missing a project deadline.

Fun Facts

1952 Original Business Founded
Dallas, TX Headquarters
Privately Owned
Our Heritage

About Recognition Source

Recognition Source provides custom engraved crystal, glass & marble awards, gifts, artwork support, and prompt delivery on over 900 quality crystal and glass products. We are experienced in a specialized trade. With 59 years in business, our specialty is sandcarving (also known as sandblasting), a time-honored method for deep etching on fine crystal.

Using your custom artwork and text, we develop a film mask that is adhered to the crystal. The entire piece must be covered with protective film. Experienced engravers then etch each piece by hand using high-pressure sand particles in a controlled environment.

The result is a beautiful, deep-etched engraving not possible using lasers or automation. Our Dallas production facility is dedicated to producing customer orders with utmost speed and reliability. And our central location in the United States, enables us to deliver your order as quick as possible.

Our Clients