Office Pranks

I can’t say the phrase: “we have fun at the office,” without speaking in a nasally voice while remembering the worst bosses I’ve ever had—the mocking voice feels like an amalgam of all of them. That phrase, often symptomatic of larger company culture issues, is usually uttered by a tyrant boss to describe the forced bowling outing three and a half years ago that he/she felt was sufficient “fun” for the decade.
That’s not what we mean when we say WE have fun.
Sure, we go bowling—I broke 100 last time. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Here at Rec. Source, we know that while there are certainly times to appreciate employees there are also times to show your appreciation in other ways. Look I’ll stop beating around the bush, as you probably surmised from the title we’re talking about office pranks—so let’s get into it.
Just as a note, these are all for good fun. Don’t prank someone unless you’re absolutely sure you can take the repercussions. Also, never prank anyone you genuinely don’t like or who you suspect might not like you—that’s not a prank, that’s just mean.

1. The Autocorrect

Difficulty (3/5) Fun factor (2/5)

This prank takes a bit of technical savvy but it’s worth it. Within the victim’s email platform/service options, change the auto-correct option to replace “I” with his/her name. Pecking out quick emails will constantly result in them referring to themselves in the third person. “Jason think that report is great and Jason would only add another ROI bullet. Jason love it.” Hilarious, I know. Don’t worry; we’re only getting started. How do you adjust the autocorrect options within Outlook, you ask? Well, here’s how.

2. Voice-Activation

Difficulty (2/5) Fun factor (3/5)

Attach a note to the top of the copy machine that reads:

This printer has been upgraded.
A linguistic module was installed by the copier service company.
Simply speak one of the following commands:
You may also speak additional information such as:
“Print five copies”
“Copy this two times on A4 paper”

For more official, branded looking versions go here. They have multiple HP versions, Konica, Canon, Dell, and Xerox.

3. Touchy Signature

Difficulty (2/5) Fun Factor (2/5)

This one is surprisingly simple and gratifying. When a colleague abandons his/her computer change the email signature to read: “Lot of hugs and kisses, [Victim’s name].

4. The Mysterious Wiggling Mouse

Difficulty (2/5) Fun Factor (2/5)

While you may have to purchase a wireless mouse for this one—it’s worth it. Make sure you buy or procure a mouse with a tiny USB receiver and plug it into your colleague’s computer (best if on an iMac, where the ports are hidden). Put the mouse in your drawer and give it a little wiggle now and then.

5. The Wrong Number

Difficulty (4/5) Fun Factor (4/5)

This one requires a bit of collaboration. Team up with colleagues to phone your victim repeatedly asking for “Patrick.” At the end of the day, get someone to call pretending to be Partrick asking if there are any messages for him.

6. The ‘Ol Air Horn Under the Chair Trick

Difficulty (3/5) Fun Factor (5/5)

The real trick is positioning the chair so the air horn isn’t seen when the victim approaches the chair to sit down. If you work in a corporate setting, crowded office, or directly with customers—this may not be the best prank. Also, make sure your victim doesn’t have any heart problems. You’d feel real if Ken from accounting had his third heart attack at your expense.


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