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Difference between Crystal and Glass

Key difference: Glass is a generic name, while, crystal is a subcategory of glass, made in the same manner as glass but with different materials. Hence, all crystal is glass, but not all glass is crystal. There are three primary criteria for crystal as established by the European Union: a lead content in excess of 24%, a density in excess of 2.90 and a reflective index of 1.545. Scientifically, crystals are pure substances whose atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in an ordered pattern, where they extend in all three spatial dimensions. Crystals most commonly occur naturally on the earth, though...

Reward the Athletes in Your Life

Why wait 4 years to reward athletes for their hard work when you could reward them today? Whether at the elementary, high school, collegiate, or professional level, athletes work incredibly hard to achieve success in their sport. Sometimes the long hours of practice and training, the perfection of form, and the struggle to balance life’s commitments with their athletic commitments goes frustratingly unnoticed. There is a variety of ways you can reward the athletes in your life, and many benefits of doing so.   Showing up to cheer on athletes at their sporting events is a great way to boost...

"Chip-in for Education" Golf Classic

Case Study on Behance via Huemor Design

Check out a recent Case Study now on Behance posted by Huemor Design FULL ARTICLE HERE:  

5 Star Reviews

A big part of our company success is in large part due to customer service. Our goal has always been to set ourselves a part from the competition by providing excellent customer service. I'm proud to say that I receive emails, reviews, phone calls on a daily basis praising our Sales team, I've even received offers from happy customers of buying the company lunch. I thought I would share emails I received today from two really happy customers. 1- "I would like to express my sincere thanks and deep appreciation to you, and to your entire team, for a recent...