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2015 Summer Movie Releases

What's summer without the hot new releases we all look forward to. Here's a few trailers of movies we're looking forward to seeing this summer 2015! Black Mass (Johnny Depp) Southpaw (Jake Gyllenhaal)    

How much is an Academy Award really worth?

Well, turns out not much if you’ve received one after 1950. In fact, according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—an Oscar is worth exactly: $1 Since 1950, Oscar winners have been required to sign a contract agreeing they’ll sell the Oscar back to the Academy for a buck if they ever want... 

Most Embarrassing Moments in Acceptance Speech History

Acceptance speeches are becoming somewhat of a laugh-riot in Hollywood. While some are intentionally funny, others are shameful and downright cringe-worthy. Here are the top five most embarrassing acceptance speeches of all-time: 5. Jacqueline Bisset’s Confusing Ramble It’s hard not feeling embarrassed for Jacqueline Bisset after train wrecking her acceptance speech at the 2014 Golden...