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5 Key Reasons to Have an Employee Handbook

Recognition Source is featuring a guest blog from EffortlessHR, which shines a light on the importance of having an employee handbook. A special thanks to Lola Kakes, the founder and CEO. When you start to hire employees, you have an obligation to provide those individuals with a safe working environment, a wage for work done, and an understanding of what you and your business is all about.  Part of this obligation is communication with your staff.  Let’s face it, if they don’t know what the rules are or what you are looking to accomplish, they will not be effective in...

"Chip-in for Education" Golf Classic

Case Study on Behance via Huemor Design

Check out a recent Case Study now on Behance posted by Huemor Design FULL ARTICLE HERE:  

5 Star Reviews

A big part of our company success is in large part due to customer service. Our goal has always been to set ourselves a part from the competition by providing excellent customer service. I'm proud to say that I receive emails, reviews, phone calls on a daily basis praising our Sales team, I've even received offers from happy customers of buying the company lunch. I thought I would share emails I received today from two really happy customers. 1- "I would like to express my sincere thanks and deep appreciation to you, and to your entire team, for a recent...

Things are heating up!

Summertime, oh the fun! Except when it feels like it's 105*, with no see of the heat letting up. Take a look at today's weather, along with the weeks' forecast.