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A big part of our company success is in large part due to customer service. Our goal has always been to set ourselves a part from the competition by providing excellent customer service. I'm proud to say that I receive emails, reviews, phone calls on a daily basis praising our Sales team, I've even received offers from happy customers of buying the company lunch. I thought I would share emails I received today from two really happy customers.

"I would like to express my sincere thanks and deep appreciation to you, and to your entire team, for a recent RUSH award order that Recognition Source produced for me late last week.  And I'd like to especially highlight Conor Flaherty for his professional, meticulous, and friendly demeanor throughout the whole production process.

The order included a detailed image of a fraternity crest to be included on four personalized awards.  Additionally, it was a rush order, resulting from a last-minute idea.

The detail within the crest proved to be a bit of a challenge, but Conor was cautiously optimistic, while still helping me to line up fall-back alternatives.  He was prompt and polite, yet enthusiastic, despite the fact that my order was relatively modest, considering the spectrum of pricing and the array of award choices in your overall lineup.  While pricing was an important consideration for me, Conor never once treated me as anything but a valued customer with an important order.

Gentlemen, the results are impressive and beautiful.  Each award significantly exceeded my expectations (at any price point) and I will be proud to give them to the recipients.  I genuinely recognize and appreciate all the hard work that went into them (I'm imagining a frenzy of activity behind each one), and each is a fitting and memorable "Thank You" to the recipients.

As I said, price was a consideration for the order, and my financial resources are not unlimited, but I'd like to offer a small gesture of my large thanks to the team, to Conor, and to you both. I'd love to buy the team doughnuts, or something appropriate, in appreciation for all the hard work behind those four awards. Unfortunately, I'm not local to Arlington TX, and I was not able to find any reliable food delivery services nearby (I looked...), but if there is a way that I can do that through one of you (PayPal, etc), I'd be eager and glad to do so!

So often these days, companies only hear from customers when there is a problem.  But I think expressions of thanks and appreciation, particularly when there is a perception of "over-and-above" performance, are much more productive and more likely to result in continued excellence.  That is my purpose in writing to you.

Thank you!  I will certainly return to Recognition Source immediately next time I need award items, and I have already recommended Recognition Source to some colleagues at work.

And please let me know about those doughnuts!

Thanks again!

Tim Bednark"



"Normally, I would wait to send this complimentary letter about Jason, you and your company until my order was shipped and received.

However, the first time buying experience with your company so far and the confidence I have that the order will be shipped this Friday with the instructions given is such that I wanted to get this letter off now.

First, about Jason. I’m a retired corporate sales/marketing executive and a business owner of 20+ years so I am acutely aware of employees who are clearly above the norm. Being just one of your thousands of customers with a relatively small order, Jason has quickly followed through on several requests and made me feel like, in the future, there is no other company but yours to order from. I have never worked with a better Rep in a similar position as Jason’s in more than 40+ years in business!

To send this letter, I asked him for the name and e-mail of the CEO/owner, only to find out my nice e-mail chat the other day was with you. That too was an excellent experience. You’ve built quite a company, Travis! I hope to buy additional gifts and refer friends to your company.


Rick Passon"

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