Crystal and Glass Awards: The Right Choice

Personalized award giveaways are an extremely productive way to boost employee moral and show appreciation for hard work. Recognition Source carries a wide range of crystal and glass award pieces and the items are readily available for customization—to make the award truly personalized for the recipient(s).
In fact, what does awarding a generic, non-personalized award say about your business as opposed to an expertly crafted, personalized glass or crystal award? Well, it comes across the same way a “re-gift” is portrayed (think back to that Seinfeld episode, or follow this link). While this episode is hilarious, the fact of the matter is that a re-gift comes across to the gift recipient(s) as lazy, a lack of effort, and pretty insulting.
The thought put into your employee’s heads is “Really, he didn’t even have time to put her name on the award, or even our organization’s logo? That’s pretty despicable.”
Ok, while that reaction is a little extreme, you get the idea that cutting corners on awards is almost as bad as not providing any recognition at all—and all that needed to happen was a little customization to make Janet feel like you actually took the time to provide her something that she can be proud of for years to come. Seriously, Janet has really been going above and beyond for the sales team this past few quarters and all she got was this thing?
Employee recognition and encouragement is vital to any organization but is only as valuable as the sincerity behind it. As we’ve talked about before in this blog—fake, disingenuous leaders are spotted from a mile away by keen-eyed employees. Just as you’re making an effort to be more authentic around the office—don’t cut corners on your effort to award and recognize employees.
Here are just a few crystal and glass awards we carry that have a large area for logos, names, and personal messages to make the next award given more special than ever.

crystal awards

glass awards

glass awards


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