What do you know about marble?

Did you know that it is a term used to refer to metamorphosed limestone by geologists while stonemasons use the term more broadly to encompass all unmetamorphosed limestone. You DID know that? Wow. Well smarty-pants, maybe you don’t need to read this for the information, but stay for the pure entertainment value of learning about all things marble.

Uses in sculpture

White marble has been treasured for its use in sculptures since classical times. Why?

It’s relatively soft and resistant to shattering when compared to stone – especially after being quarried. As marble ages it becomes harder. Marble also has a slight surface translucency that can be comparable to human skin. This gives sculptures a visual depth beyond its surface and enhances the realism when used for figurative works. Marble can tinge to a yellowish hue when oils are absorbed when a sculpture is touched or handled.

Our marble awards

We offer many marble awards – from plaques and small globes to larger pillar and pyramid awards. Check out our selection of marble awards.


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