An Abridged History of Jade

Over here at Recognition Source we could talk about awards and acknowledging hard work until we’re blue in the face. Want to shoot the breeze about importance of recognizing employees for exceptional work, let’s do it – we have talking points. How about trying to decide on appropriate gifts for employees around the holidays – sure, we can open the discussion.

While we could go on and on like this, occasionally we like to take a break and learn more about a topic associated (sometimes very loosely) with our business.

So, without further ado, let’s learn about the history of jade, dammit.

Cathedral Glass Jade Award

Let’s talk about Jade

In the 19th century a French mineralogist discovered jade was in fact two different materials: Jadeite and Nephrite. Both materials are known as jade and are used for hard stone carving. Jadeite is nearly identical in hardness when compared to quartz, while nephrite is slightly softer. Excavations form prehistoric dig sites have revealed simple ornaments created from jade. Moreover, jade was used for knives, adze heads and other weapons before metal-working technologies became prevalent.
While Jade has an extensive history in many eastern civilizations the most notable has occurred in China. China has…
Ok, this is boring.

Let’s get back to glass awards and rewarding employees for outstanding work — what we know best!
We’ve decided to feature our Cathedral Deluxe Jade Glass Award. This version is an enhanced version of our Cathedral Jade Glass Award, and is a solid 3/8″ thick with a stylish beveled edge. Emphasizing individuals and corporations that have reached the “pinnacle of success,” this achievement award is a mainstay of award ceremonies. As an additional bonus, all engraving is included at no extra charge to make this an economical glass award no recognition program should be without.
Always, as with all our awards, bulk order pricing discounts are available as well as detailed etching and engraving custom artwork and messages.

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