Nontraditional Holiday Gift Ideas

“Holiday Gift Ideas” is one of the most searched phrases on the Internet this time of year. Apathy has surrendered to seasonal guilt as people are scrambling to find that perfect present before they are forced to check the box for overnight shipping. Recognition Source is here to help dig through the cliche ideas and reveal the gifts that will truly impress a loved one.

iPad or Kindle

Ok, sure – it’s a great gift, no question about that.  The problem lies with the originality. Chances are that you’ll just be upgrading a tablet/reader to the newest version, and that’s not much fun to receive. “Oh awesome – The iPad mini. Now I can use this slightly smaller tablet as opposed to our other iPad that I have that is just so clumsy and awkward.”
We suggest an alternative:

Give the gift of an entire library!
What says “unconditional love” more than a building, or dedicated wing, filled with actual books! Why give such a boring, typical gift that puts millions of novels in the palm of their hands when you could literally deliver a cross-section of literature, complete with a frumpy part-time librarian and one of those ladders on wheels.
Want more, ok we have a few more idea gems.

Custom wall graphic

Original? Almost. Jaw-dropping? Meh. Could be nice for the overly zealous parent. Seems a little bland to me.

How about…

Why not immortalize a teen-pop icon with a Justin Bieber wall graphic, mounted in your living room, entryway, foyer, or even on the side of your loved one’s vehicle. How about a dozen throughout random spots in your home for a ‘Bieber Suprieser.’ Perfect for that special man, women, or music lover in your life.
Want more? Ok, last one – then we have to stop spilling all of our secrets.

PB&J of the month club

While this is an extremely avant-garde option when mulling over last minute gift ideas in the interwebs, the inventive effort doesn’t make up for the fact that your basically telling someone that they’re “getting a sandwich each month’”for a gift. “What kind of sandwiches?” they’ll ask. You will hang your head and quietly respond, “Peanutbutter and jelly – every month.”

There’s got to be a better alternative, right?

OK, so this doesn’t actually exist yet, but don’t worry. We should have the preliminary specs written for the e-commerce solution in the next few weeks – sadly, not before Christmas. That is only due to our sword guy, Glen, not supplying us with the original JPEGs to allow the iPhone app to function properly.

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations but if none of the ideas above strike you, why not pick up an a crystal award, maybe a paperweight, or a couple plaques.

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