Classy Awards: And the Winners Are…

In response to our Classy Awards post where we introduced the awards and covered some of the finalists – here is the follow-up post. We’ll dive into the ceremonies, the winners and the impact these charities have on the communities they serve.

For a smidge of backstory, the Class Awards were started in 2009 with a very straightforward goal – to put a public spotlight on amazing charitable efforts in the San Diego community. As the awards gained popularity and participation, the reach was quickly expanded to the entire nation and broken into regions throughout the country. This past year they received over 2,000 nomination and over 250,000 votes were cast and have become the largest philanthropic awards ceremony in the country.

So let’s review some of the winners and if you would like to know more about any of these charities that names of each charity links to their website.

National Charity of the Year

Wounded Warrior Project 

Empowering and honoring wounded service men and women throughout the United States, Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan, France, the United Kingdom, Israel, Kuwait, and Africa.

  • Raised $67,700,000 this past year
  • Helped 19,557 people this past year
  • 15,995 care packages
  • 9,410 peer mentor visits
  • 945 job placements
  • 1,000 PTSD modules accessed.

Disaster Relief & International Aid

Medical Teams International:  Health and Hope for Famine Victims in East Africa

Their mission is to demonstrate the love of Christ to people affected by disaster, conflict, and poverty.

  • This initiative alone raised $921,237 and impacted over 40,000 people in East Africa
  • The entire charity raised $146,091,422 in the past year
  • Charity as a whole helped 2.1 million people this past year

Best New Charity

Taylor’s Gift Foundation

Advocates organ donation to Regift Life, Renew Health, and Restore Families in the United States.

  • Raised over $500,000 this past year that has helped approximately 7 million people.

Hunger and Poverty Relief

Project Peanut Butter

Provides nutritional and medial support to children and adults suffering from malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

  • Raised over $1.8 million that has helped 500,000 people this past year.

Human Rights

National Domestic Workers Alliance

Organizes domestic workers in the United States for respect, recognition, and labor standards. Through leadership development, strategic campaigns alliance building NDWA seeks to help build a powerful movement for social and global justice.

  • Raised $3 million and helped 415,000 people throughout the past year.

Educational Advancement

Cristo Rey Network

Empowers thousands of students from underserved, low-income communities to develop their minds and hearts to become lifelong contributors to society.

  • $37 million earned toward college education that is helping 8,062 kids.

Health and Well Being

Free Wheelchair Mission

Providing the gift of mobility to the physically disabled and poor in developing countries such as, India, Mali, Angola, Cameroon, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, and the United States.

  • This movement specifically raised $819,537 this past year that helps 51,268 people.

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