Our Precision Glass Engraving Process

Recognition Source’s on staff engravers take immense pride in producing deep, even engravings through sandcarving, or sandblasting, that produces highly detailed, deep-etched results that aren’t possible through lasers or automation.

Our Dallas facility employs talented engravers that hand etch your design using high pressure sand particles in a controlled environment. They are dedicated to producing extremely high quality engravings that consistently exceed client’s expectations.

So how does sandcarving work?

An individual film mask is created and adhered to the crystal from your submitted design and sandblasted. The areas covered by the mask protects the award/trophy, while the abrasive carves the design. The result is a highly detailed, crisp carving that won’t ever chip or wear off.

How detailed can the designers get?

Our sand carving process produces extremely intricate results. Basically, if the design looks good on a black and white print out, it will translate well to an award or trophy. We’re constantly hearing from clients how pleasantly surprised their engraving turned out to be even better than they expected.

Any limitations?

Our sandcarving process cannot re-produce color or gray-scale, or shaded images.  We also request EPS, AI, or CDR file types for all submitted designs; however, if you don’t have the format on hand, we’re happy to convert it for you ($20.00 conversion fee applies). Please visit ‘How to Order’ for more details and examples of design and text submissions.

diagram for engraving

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