Meet our Team ( Q&A with Jes - Art Manager)


  1. Childhood Dream: "Famous for playing music"
  2. Fondest Memory: "Giving birth, super easy"
  3. Soundtrack: "Basement, I wish I could stay"
  4. Retreat: "Live shows"
  5. Wildest Dream: "Travel Forever"
  6. Biggest Challenge: "Sticking to a fitness routine ( see answer #10)"
  7. Alarm Clock: "Loud iphone siren"
  8. Perfect Day: "Fishing in Toledo Bend"
  9. First Job: "Office assistant / daily scapegoat"
  10. Indulgence: "Food and drinks"
  11. Last Purchase: "Subway sandwich, 6" chicken if you're curious"
  12. Favorite Movie: "Tommy Boy"
  13. Inspiration: "Daughter"
  14. Who recognized you: "My roommate Charle, she's always reminding me that I'm capable of doing better"
  15. Who you recognize: "My brother, he's the smartest, funniest, most talented guy I know, and he's awesome too"
  16. Unique Talent: "Able to make fart noises with my hands... makes for great first dates"
  17. Favorite Quote: "Motivate me, Support me or get out of my way"


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