MEET OUR TEAM (Q&A with Jeff- VP of Sales)


  1. Childhood Dream: "Pro baseball player"
  2. Fondest Memory: "The birth of Daughter Addison"
  3. Soundtrack: "Any Rock & Roll, especially AC/DC"
  4. Retreat: "Golf course"
  5. Wildest Dream: "Winning the Masters"
  6. Proudest Moment: "Marrying my wife of 10 years, Amber
  7. Biggest Challenge: "Balancing time at the Golf Course vs time with my family, Family usually wins (most of the time)"
  8. Alarm Clock: "Old fashioned pain in the butt alarm clock"
  9. Perfect Day: "Breakfast with the Family and then hitting the Golf Course"
  10. First Job: "Outdoor Service Manager at a Country Club"
  11. Indulgence: "Sweets"
  12. Last Purchase: "Umm.. maybe some Golf equipment, just a few things"
  13. Favorite Movie: "Top Gun, Team Maverick"
  14. Inspiration: "Family"
  15. Who recognized you: "Jeff Thalman, (CEO of Recognition Source 2000-2008)"
  16. Who you recognize: "Donald Trump, because he's Donald Freaking Trump"
  17. Unique Talent: "Memorizing random movie lines"
  18. Favorite Quote: "Live everyday to it's fullest"


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