The Future of Shipping?

This past Sunday evening on 60 Minutes, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos revealed what may bring us into a future we always imagined. Envision placing your order, marking a ‘quick delivery’ box during checkout, and then seeing this unmanned aerial vehicle (donned the octocopter) descending toward your home or office.

While we’re not sure Amazon will let us borrow their drones I positive we could put something together with the R/C helicopter we fly around the warehouse. You know, now that I mention it, I think Phil got that helicopter from Amazon–sweet irony.

So, after mulling this idea around for the past 3 minutes I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to do this. I will buy a fleet of ‘copters (not from Amazon) to prepare for this major shift in our distribution of awards and trophies. I think I’ll get really good at flying a ‘copter around before pitching this to the boss–possibly learning some sort of synchronized group ‘copter maneuverings to put on a performance that will not only demonstrate my flying ability, but also my leadership skills–since I’ll have to force Tim and Carla from shipping to ‘copter train with me. This is going to be amazing!

Shhhh, you hear that? I think Tim and Carla are giggling across the hall at the helicopter sounds I’ve been making while writing this.

I just went and checked. I’m 85% sure they were laughing at me since whatever was hilarious ceased as soon as I walked it to get more grape juice from the mini-fridge. While Carla averted her eyes to her phone, Tim made a comment (I think it was directed at me) saying, “Hey, you must have watched that thing on 60 minutes last night? Am I right?…Okay fine, just get your juice and go back to your games.”

Getting them on-board with this will be harder than I thought since they are both dead to me now.

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