Thanksgiving Facts and Fails

The Recognition Source team would like to wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving. We hope you have an enjoyable holiday weekend. With that out of the way, we thought I would be fun to throw up a slideshow post about some lesser-known Thanksgiving facts and poorly thought out Thanksgiving ideas. So, here we go!

A mashed potatoes and turkey pizza
Mashed Potato Pizza
Staying with the food theme, here's a Thanksgiving doughnut.
Thanksgiving Doughnut
Thanksgiving Spelling Fail
Pretty sure it's on Thursday, not Friday.
Thanksgiving Forecast Fail
On a school sign no less. Just wow!
Thanksgiving Spelling Fail
It's a turkey hat. What?
Thanksgiving Turkey Hat
Thanksgiving gumballs for after a filling meal.
Thanksgiving Gumballs
This thing.
Thanksgiving Hat 2
Minnesota raises the most turkeys every year, by far.
A Lot of Turkeys
Top cranberry producing state? Wisconsin you win!
Harvesting Cranberries
North Carolina produces the most sweet potatoes? But you knew that.
Sweet Potatos
So turkey-flavored ice cream is a thing
Turkey Flavored Ice cream


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