Top Three Engraving Techniques for Crystal Awards

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Treasured for their beauty and timeless appeal, crystal awards are an excellent way to offer recognition for a job well done. Engraved crystal has an aesthetic appeal that will be cherished by the recipient forever. However, it is important to keep in mind that the engraving method equally contributes to the final quality of glass awards. There are three methods that can be used to create crystal awards: mechanical engraving, laser engraving, and sand carving. Here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages that come with these three distinct methods of design.

Mechanical Engraving

Mechanical engraving is an excellent method for producing multiple awards with the same design. This method of engraving uses a computer-assisted machine to etch patterns into the surface of the crystal. Mechanical engraving produces clear, crisp letters. It is the preferred method for producing crystal awards that primarily display texts, including names, dates and times. However, mechanical engraving is a poor choice for producing awards that require detailed graphics, logos and pictures.

Laser Engraving

A skilled designer can produce impressive crystal awards using laser-engraving techniques. This method uses laser-engraving machines to trace patterns onto the surface of crystal awards. Laser engraving produces sharp deigns in an efficient manner. Because of the speed and ease of using this technique, laser-engraved crystal awards are available at affordable prices.

While laser engraving is efficient, the quality it produces is inconsistent. Laser fractures the surface of engraved crystal, which produces uneven patterns. It is also difficult to use lasers to produce 3D designs.

Sand Carving

Sand carving is often celebrated as the most versatile method of engraving crystal awards. With this technique, the designer uses compressed air to direct a stream of abrasive, sand-like particles onto the surface of the crystal. The particles wear down the areas around a stencil, leaving the resulting etched crystal. Sand carving is used to create intricate, high-quality designs and 3D images.

However, the time and care that is put into more detailed designs can make some sand-carved crystal awards expensive. Budget limitations should be taken into consideration.

No matter the engraving method used, crystal awards offer a high level of quality that is unmatched. The different engraving methods contribute to the versatility of glass awards. Whether looking for a bulk order of crystal awards or a highly personalized design, choosing the appropriate technique will guarantee excellent results.

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