We Can’t Get Enough of Paperweights

Back in November last year we had the opportunity to talk about paperweights in this blog, and man, was it fun. Well, we thought it would be a fun change of pace to break free from our regular article topics about staff awards, corporate gifts, crystal awards, and other keywords that we’re trying to rank for, and talk about the coolest and weirdest paperweights we could find on the web. So are you ready?

Yup, those are popsicle paperweights in the ever-so-popular flavor: Whitish Grey! Visit the website here

This one for the industrious go-getter in your life that you just want them to remember their “screwball” side. Or just get it for your screwup nephew who plays Magic cards three times a week and hasn’t had a date in eleven years. Your choice, really. Visit the website here

We can’t get enough of the brilliant blend of functionality and emotion in this plastic/cement mix paperweight. It also will hold your paperclips, using magic, and possibly magnets. Here it is at amazon

Get it? It looks like a blueprint that was crumpled and thrown away. Genius? No. Clever? Meh. Are we hard to impress? Yes. What time is it? 2:45, why? Got somewhere to be rather than reading this caption?

Here’s the source

It’s a decision maker. Like a magic 8 ball for your desk. It’s nice, unless you already have a magic 8 ball on your desk, it which case, you’re acting like a child. Quit bringing toys to work. Remember that movie, Big? Man, that was good movie. I still want to dance on a huge piano–on my bucket list, for sure.

Here’s the source


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