Gamification Drives Employee Reward Programs

Gamification is rapidly reshaping company dynamics in terms of how employee incentive programs are formed and endure.
But what is it?

Gamification refers to the integration of game mechanics and tropes into a website, service, campaign, or community that allows employees to track and compete against their colleagues. For example, a tech savvy company could setup online tracking and badges for completing tasks, completing the task quickly, or receiving positive feedback from a client. Each badge would be visible on their account and would contribute to an overall score that employees can compete to be first on the leaderboard. It’s important to not only have performance/metric-based rewards and to mix it up with a few fun tasks as well.
If implemented correctly, gamification can drive employee reward programs and provide a number of additional benefits, as follows:


If you hope to collect and retain talented people in your workforce, a strong company image through employer branding is crucial. Introducing different types of employee reward programs that can be tracked and evaluated goes a long way to build a strong, competitive company culture.


Sustaining motivation for any employee isn’t always easy and can be a big problem for managers and leaders. Gamification adds a new spin to the monthly/quarterly quotas and can cater well to repetitive job duties, tasks that are more procedural than creative, by breaking up a tedious workflow.

Improves Work Environment

A positive work environment leads to exponential benefits including, but not limited to: increased productivity, improved employee morale, and retaining highly skilled workers.
Gamification improves work environments by introducing camaraderie and light-hearted competition within the workplace. Employees are more engaged and interacting with each other more often, which increases attitudes on a day-to-day basis.

Hit Sales Goals

A little incentive is sometimes all it takes. Reaching a goal, being rewarded for that achievement, and being encouraged throughout the process by keeping up with the leaderboards allows salespeople to stay motivated to reach goals, every step of the way.

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