Award Accomplishments Using Custom Plaques

“Did you hear about Jim from Sales?”

“What? No. What happened?”

“Old man McDugal gave him a plaque for his amazing numbers last month. It is magnificent! It’s shiny and has custom engraving. Seriously, you have to go see it. It’s sitting on the corner of his desk like a proud eagle! Man, I think I’m going to give some extra effort this month so I can get one too.”

Marble Plaque Award

Ok, let’s be honest – that conversation never happens and a plaque itself isn’t something that tends to be sought after. However, the recognition from a superior in the form of something tangible that can be touted over the naysayers and constant reminder that hard work is not going unnoticed – is a very real feeling and is a major priority for professionals in today’s workforce.

A plaque is a great way to recognize outstanding individuals in your workforce.  That’s why Recognition Source creates custom plaques and can engrave them with company logos, names, slogans – the list goes on.

Take a look at a few different ways to give award plaques below to decide which method works best for your business.

Occupational Award Plaques

These plaques are usually given to acknowledge excellence in any given field or to recognize how long an employee has committed themselves to the company. These plaques are typically awarded to law enforcement, firefighters, politicians, and a host of other people in various occupations where a milestone of service or benchmark is common.

Perpetual Recognition Plaques

This is a type of plaque that is geared more toward the sales profession. You’ve seen these at car dealerships or even fast-food restaurants to recognize the top performer on staff. This type of plaque not only acknowledges excelling individuals but can also serve as motivation to keep the competitive juices flowing on the sales force.

Certificate Plaques

Certificate programs on all fields are wise to present a plaque upon completion to all participants. These plaques enable those who complete the certification to display their achievement to others. It’s not uncommon to see these types of plaques at doctor’s offices, attorneys and other professionals.

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