Employee Appreciation Day

Pop quiz time! When is Employee Appreciation Day? We’ll even accept the correct month. Any idea?

I’ll give you a second…

Give up or want to venture a guess? Well, sadly we tricked you – there is not a nationally recognized holiday to appreciate employees, however, many companies and small businesses have begun participating in this non-sanctioned holiday to increase company culture. Since no specific day or month marks this occasion it gives employers more flexibility with scheduling their own appreciation days within the company.

A Hazy History

While no specific origin for Employee Appreciation Day can be found, it can be assumed that it began to balance “Boss’s Day”, celebrated on October 16th. Patricia Bays Haroski registered boss’s Day with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1958 – and Employee Appreciation Day slowly gained traction as the supervisor recognition day grew in popularity.

Loose Guidelines

Employers opt to appreciate employees in many different ways. Some dedicate an entire day and use it as an opportunity for a team-building event. Others may supply a catered breakfast or lunch, and still others may give glass awards, crystal awards and/or various types of corporate gifts. No matter the effort, making time to devote to expressing gratitude toward the staff can increase employee contentment and, in turn, company profits. However, don’t get caught up in the fanfare and plan a day that only management would enjoy. Take the time to discover what the staff would prefer and really make an effort to not cram too many deadlines or managerial agendas into this special day/week.

Time to Pass Out the Awards

Many managers combine quarterly contests and reviews with employee appreciation days. This allows the individuals that are excelling to be rewarded in front of their peers.

When setting up an employee recognition program that aligns with dedicated appreciation time, be sure to remember:

  • Create an objective first

What is the goal of the recognition program or contest? Improve safety? Increase sales?

  • Set a budget

This is for the award ceremony and the award itself. Recognition Source offers a wide variety of glass and crystal awards for all price points and engraving needs.

  • Setup guidelines

The program should have a quantifiable end goal and all progress should be track-able. Make sure all criteria that are being defined to achieve the goal are aligned with overall objective of the program.

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