Types of Employee Recognition Programs

We’ve talked on this blog before about the importance of recognizing achievements and growth in your company and company culture. However, we only touched on a few different programs – and there are a few others out there we should talk about. Whether your goal is improving the overall value of your employee years of service with awards; managing and endorsing safe behavior within your safety culture; or designing and implementing creative employee performance ideas for keeping your people motivated and dedicated, the following employee recognition programs will engage your folks and align with your corporate goals, while you meet and exceed your business objectives.

Service Award Programs

Service awards are all about appreciating loyalty.  They maximize your employee recognition investment dollars and improve overall employee (program) satisfaction. Impress your boss and your colleagues with crystal or glass awards.

Employee Performance Award Programs

Performance awards recognize results. Engaged employees are proven to work harder and are more dedicated over the long haul than employees that fly beneath the radar. Make a special effort to engross leadership with the efforts of employees and set measurable, attainable goals for departments that are evaluated according to ROI. Marble and crystal awards are usually the best fit for performance-based awards.

Safety Incentive Programs

Is OSHA compliancy a big part of your business? Providing a balanced and results-driven blueprint to implement strategic employee safety incentive programs that will raise awareness, reduce accidents, and increase the bottom line is very important to many businesses with safety concerns. We have several glass and crystal awards that work very well for safety recognition.

Holiday Recognition Programs

Recognition Source is able to provide holiday gifts that employees will both appreciate and remember. This is a chance to reward employees and customers for their dedication and loyalty throughout the year. Finding the right holiday award is tricky sometimes – don’t want to be too festive or too bland. We think the crystal awards and vases, bowls, and cups categories are good places to start.

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