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MEET OUR TEAM (Q&A with Jeff- VP of Sales)

  Childhood Dream: "Pro baseball player" Fondest Memory: "The birth of Daughter Addison" Soundtrack: "Any Rock & Roll, especially AC/DC" Retreat: "Golf course" Wildest Dream: "Winning the Masters" Proudest Moment: "Marrying my wife of 10 years, Amber Biggest Challenge: "Balancing time at the Golf Course vs time with my family, Family usually wins (most of the time)" Alarm Clock: "Old fashioned pain in the butt alarm clock" Perfect Day: "Breakfast with the Family and then hitting the Golf Course" First Job: "Outdoor Service Manager at a Country Club" Indulgence: "Sweets" Last Purchase: "Umm.. maybe some Golf equipment, just a few things" Favorite Movie: "Top Gun, Team Maverick" Inspiration: "Family" Who recognized you: "Jeff Thalman, (CEO of Recognition Source 2000-2008)" Who...

Recognition Source Case Study

Huemor Design, (A New York Interactive Design Agency) does a Case Study on the development of our new site. See image and link below for more information.

How to be an Authentic Leader

More often than not – people in power who are tasked with leading a large group of people are often bi-polar in their personality. What we mean is, often the “true” personality of your boss only emerges outside of work. It’s easy to see through fake people, especially fake bosses. It’s as if a cookie-cutter...